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Q. Ultra Light Down (ULD) Product Care

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Ultra Light Down, with its lightweight construction and excellent warmth retention from its exclusive feather, is a top worthy product to help protect you from the cold of winter.
Please read and follow the instruction on product tag. For product tag that has "Handwashing" icon, please only hand wash.

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Dissolve neutral detergents with warm water (usually around 40°C or less) to wash.
Remove stains at common areas such as neck, sleeve separately in advance. This makes it easier to remove stains when washing. 

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Use the Right Detergent: Scrub gently and choose a neutral detergent specified by the manufacturer instead of a strong detergent as this can cause changes in color, durability of the product as well as loss of the water-resistant layer outside 
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Gentle Wash: Absolutely do not rub or twist the product too hard because the strong impact can damage the fur and fabric. 
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Dry With Towel: Strong squeeze will affect the texture of the feathers, as well as the product's silhouette. Therefore, you should gently press to dry the water out by using a hygroscopic towel.
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Hanging: Use your hands to break up tangled clumps in the coat after washing. Then dry the product in a well-ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

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