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Q. Product Sampling Campaign

Product Sampling is our campaign that we will send new free samples to customers who write product reviews on UNIQLO.COM that help us to improve our quality of LifeWear.

Your review will help fellow customers make better purchase decisions based on your experience and provide us with more insights, suggestions for product improvement.

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Product Sampling Campaign – April 2024

  • 200 customers/accounts with the most eligible reviews during the campaign will receive 01 item below from Uniqlo Vietnam.
  • Winning customers will be able to choose the appropriate size and item for Women or Men. The color of the item will be distributed randomly.
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How to join

Just download the app and leave a review on a purchased product.
  1. Access the UNIQLO Online website/app
  2. Go to your Order/Purchased history, select a product and click [WRITE REVIEW]. For detailed instructions, please click here.
  3. Stand a chance to receive sampling from UNIQLO (*)
    *UNIQLO will contact the selected review account regarding the time and method of receiving the gift. 

    Who is eligible to get our product sampling?


    Any APP member who leaves a review from the beginning, will stand a chance to win a sample product in this Sampling Programme.


    Which product will I get if I am selected?


    Please be noted that we will select items to be given based on each campaign, and we will inform customers accordingly.


    How would I be notified if I have been selected?


    If you're selected, we will contact selected customers to inform and have your confirmation when we finalize the winners.


    How do I receive my sample?


    We will deliver the item to your registered address, or issue a voucher so you can exchange for the sample product at our store.
    Depends on each campaign, we will inform delivery method to selected customers.


    Can I return or exchange the free sample for something of same value?


    We apologize that free sample cannot be returned or exchanged for another product or cash, in part or in full.


    Can I leave a review for the free sample received via this programme?


    Yes, after you receive the product, please share your review on our app/website. In addition to web/ app reviews, depends on each campaign, we may send further survey to hear more from you, so in case you receive, please also complete our questionnaire.
    Your voices will become our valuable insights to keep us creating innovative improvements of our products.


    How often will this Sampling Programme run?


    Frequency of this programme will be informed in accordance to our designated timeline of Uniqlo Vietnam. Please keep placing your reviews of purchased products not to miss out any chances. Everytime we launch the campaign, we will announce to our customers.

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