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Q. UQVN Alteration service (Online & Store)

Alteration service is available in all stores and online store.
- UNIQLO Web/App: You can choose the alteration method and length size at the product page before confirm order payment
=> In case you forget to select alteration service, you can bring your product along with the return slip and come to our stores for further support.
- UNIQLO store: You can come directly to our store to get advice for alteration service. 
=> If you need to use the alteration service, please bring product along with the receipt and come to our stores for support.

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The service is available only for selected bottoms.

For online purchase with alteration, the delivery lead time will take additional 2 - 4 working days from the estimated delivery lead time.

What Item is Available for Alteration Service?
Our alteration service is available for (shorten length only) selected UNIQLO bottoms only. This includes chinos, leggings pants, Jeans, EZY, smart ankle pants, and some other selected pants. Please note that alteration for these bottoms will affect the tapered silhouette.

Please carefully refer to all information in this article before confirming the alteration.

Alteration is NOT available for the following products: 
1) Shorts
2) Cropped Pants
3) Jogger Pants
4) Ultra Active Pants
5) Lounge Bottom
6) Ponte Pants
7) Skirts & Dresses
8) Non-UNIQLO Products

Please kindly view the following pants with special hem. If alteration service is applied for these hem, the origin silhouette of the pants and hem would be changed.

1/ Flared Jeans
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2/ Cropped Jeans
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3/ Jeans with Frayed hemming
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4/ Tapered Jeans

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*Important Notice: Kindly note that alteration operation (including price, techniques, and eligible items) is applied the exactly same for both store purchase and online order.



    What is the delivery lead time for online alteration?


    Online orders with alterations will take additional 2 - 4 working days from the estimated delivery lead time, excluding public holidays and weekends. Once your online order is ready for shipping, you will receive an email with Tracking number of Giao Hang Nhanh.


    Can I request return or exchange for altered pants?


    Products that have been altered are not eligible for return or exchange. In the unlikely event that you have received incorrect or manufacturing defect product(s), you may contact our Customer Center team for assistance.


    Do you offer pants tapering?


    No, unfortunately we only provide service for length alteration.


    Is there an option to lengthen the pants or undo the alteration?


    We do not offer lengthening service. We will cut the pants directly to the appropriate length when requested for the alteration service. Once the pants is altered, they cannot be lengthened further or undo the alteration.


    Can I request for a 2nd alteration on the same pants?


    If you need to shorten your pants again after the first alteration, you may visit any of our local retail stores and request for another alteration. Kindly bring along your Packing List (for online order) and original receipt (for purchased at store) as a proof of purchase. Our store staff will assist you.


    Do your stores accept alteration service for the pants that I purchased online?


    Yes. Please visit any of our stores nationwide and ask our staff for assistance. Kindly bring your Packing List as a proof of purchase. All our Uniqlo stores offer alteration service, so you can go to whichever store is most convenient for you.

  • Do I need to have my pants pinned?


    If you do not know what length you would like your jeans/pants altered to, you can try them on in our store fitting rooms and have one of our staff members pin them for you at your desired length. Alternatively, if you know exactly what length you would like your jeans/pants altered to, you can inform our staff member your desired length at the cash wrap area when they issue you the alteration slip.

  • Do you offer alterations on non-UNIQLO jeans and / or pants?


    Our alteration service is exclusively for UNIQLO jeans and pants only.

  • I've purchased a pair of UNIQLO jeans/pants for quite a while now and have decided that I would like to have them altered. Is this possible?


    Yes, you may have this altered at any time. Kindly bring your original receipt or Packing List and pants to any branch for alteration.

  • How long will I have to wait for an alteration in store?


    Time may vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer a same day service where we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alterations a store has to do within a day. Kindly check with a staff member for how long it will take for your alteration to be done. They will be able to advise you.

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