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Q. About Gift Service For Online Order

Online gift service is now available with a low-fare rate to send UNIQLO product as a perfect gift to your beloved one (Applied for both online and in-store). 
Please visit our online store and enjoy your warm moments when sending lovely gifts to your loved ones. 

How we Pack & Deliver: 
UNIQLO will pack your product into the gift bag (delivered with wrapping) with an additional carton box as outer layer. In case you wants to add a message card, please kindly choose the message card option.
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Delivery with Wrapping material included:
If you choose this option, material (gift bag) will be included in the carton for your self-pack.
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About Size & Prices:
Gift Bag can be wrapped by pulling the string and there are 3 size available (77.000 VND each).
S size: Length 33 cm x Width 28.5 cm
M size: Length 49 cm x Width 39 cm
L size: Length 60 cm x Width 50 cm
If you choose "Delivery with wrapping" type, the fee will be 97.000VND, including the material fee 77.000VND and the wrapping fee 20.000VND
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Guiding about gift option:
Step 1: Click [Gift Option] in shopping cart 
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Step 2: Please choose your gift option
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 Step 3: Select your message card (if needed)
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Step 4: Proceed to checkout as usual
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Other information about our gift services:
When ordering from the online store, can I select multiple gift bags in one order?
Only one gift bags can be selected per order. If you want to have more than one gift bag, please place separate orders.

Can I purchase only the gift bag?
Yes, you can buy it in both of stores and the online store.

If I choose Gift Service, is it possible to make a Return & Exchange for the Products & Gift Bag?
Yes, you can make a Return & Exchange within 14 days from the date you receive the product if the product meets criteria conditions for Return & Exchange.

For Gift Bag, it will be not possible to make a Return or Exchange as Gift Bag belongs to the accessory product-line.

Does the Packing Slip & Price Tag show the price of the product?
No, the Packing Slip & Price Tag will not show the price information of the product.

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